Intel is a Fortune 500 technology company. The name is a blend of the words integrated and electronics. Cool, right?


The ask

Intel wanted to show off their social media metrics in an intriguing way.  The visualizations would need to be easily-digestible since the dashboard would live on large monitors in the lobby of their headquarters.

My Role:  Art Direction / UI Design


After determining what metrics we're relevant, I set out to design the most appealing and functional layout.

A. Time Bar: Moving from left to right, the bar indicates how much time has elapsed for each tab/section. The bar also serves as a way for the user to see how long until the next section appears. Once the bar reaches the end of the last tab, the dashboard refreshes.

B. Metric Topic Tabs: The tabs at the top of the dashboard show the audience what metrics are being displayed at a moment in time.

C. Twitter Chyron: An up-to-the-second Twitter feed continually displays at the bottom of the dashboard. Tweets coming from official Intel accounts are called out using Intel blue.

Getting things moving

In order to attract attention and make the data come to life, I started creating low-fidelity motion tests. 


Early prototyping of visualizations and motion testing.

Dressing up the data

Making the data appealing to look at was no minor feat. We're accustomed to seeing charts and graphs and can become blind to them. By combining bold colors,  elegant animation and clean design, I was able to bring the data to life.  


Share of Voice


Conversation Volume


Trending Topics (Globe View)


Trending Topics


Owned Health Metrics

Flipping switches

To get buy-in on the proof of concept our team compiled raw data twice a week and I manually tweaked the graphics. Live metrics would have been preferable, but you work with what you have.

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©2023  Darron Davis

©2023  Darron Davis