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Memes are ephemeral, often lasting only a few days. This is part of their appeal. However, there are some that deserve a more enduring legacy.

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The ask

I took this on as a side project with the objective of transitioning from using a mouse to using a Wacom tablet. I later used the project to play around with the 3D composition tool Adobe Dimension CC.

My Role: Art Direction / Design / Illustration

Playing in the third dimension

Adobe's Dimension CC is a scaled-back version of Cinema 4D, and is primarily used to mock up designs in realistic environments. I had fun creating still lifes using 3D objects.

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Put a pin in it

After finishing, I was much more comfortable using the tablet day-to-day. I ended up making pins out of the illustrations and gave them to friends as holiday presents.

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©2024  Darron Davis

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