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Iceland 2015


A speck of land peaks out of choppy waters between Brjánslækur and Stykkishólmur in Iceland.

My wife and I traveled to Iceland in 2015 for our honeymoon. We went in late April, a little more than a month before tourist season kicks off there. The browns in the landscape hadn't yet turned green. Many of the roads were still closed and an already desolate island was even more barren. It was amazing!

Some highlights from the trip include:

  • Hitting up a handful of hot springs and swimming pools
  • Riding an Icelandic horse, getting it to tölt, and eating horse meat an hour later
  • Getting stranded on a peninsula which required us to take a ferry to the next town (which allowed for the photo above)
  • Visiting the Museum of Sorcery and Witchcraft in Hólmavík and getting to see Necropants
  • Having our rental SUV towed out of the snow by a one-armed farmer and his enormous tractor
  • Saying our vows on the black sand beach of Vík

Check out my 500px page to see more photos from the trip.


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